I.M.C.A. Modified Racing Technology

Everything you need to know to build, set-up, and race a modified style car competitively.  Includes front suspension refinements, 
getting the proper roll center and camber curve, setting bump steer, all rear suspension systems: 3-link, swing arm, coil / monoleaf,  
and 4-link, Panhard bar tech, shocks, springs, brake system, setting ballast, and weight, choosing springs and shocks, 
chassis tuning, solving handling problems, complete chassis set-ups for both dirt and pavement, and much more.

Part # S280   Racer $ 24.95

Stock Car Dirt Track Technology

Practical Information you can use to make your car faster, more reliable, and competitive. It's easy to read and understand.  
Full of bold graphic and explicit drawings along with photos and illustrations. Useful for every class 
of stock car racing, from hobby stock, to sportsman, even late models.

Part # S196      Racer  $ 24.95

Trackside Chassis Tuning Guide

This handy booklet is a concise indexed guide to analyzing and correcting handling problems for oval track race cars.  
Section A is organized by problem (such as corner under steer, loose under power, etc.) with proven solutions.  
Section B tells what will happen if you make specific changes.  Almost every solution to every problem is 
contained in this toolbox sized 3.5" x 7.5" book.  for both dirt and paved track cars.

Part #  S283     Racer $ 16.95

National Speedway Directory

This directory offers information about several oval tracks in the United States and Canada that are presently in existence.  
Each track listing has detailed information such as size of track, banking, dirt or asphalt, location of race track and the
promoter's name and mailing address.  If you like traveling to other tracks, this book is for you.

Part #  S100      Racer $ 9.95

Dirt Late Model Chassis Technology

Explains dirt late model and 4-bar handling dynamics, tuning with shock absorbers, complete track set-ups, track tuning and 
adjustment, front suspension and steering, 4-bar rear suspension, chassis set-up, alignment and more.

Part # S298      Racer $ 29.95

Building a Street Stock

Step-by-step information from buying the car and roll cage kits to mounting the cage, stripping the car, prep tips, front and rear suspension, modifications, adjusting the handling within street stock rules, at-the-track set-up and mounting seats, gauges, linkages, etc.  
A complete guide for the entry level street stock class.  For dirt or paved race tracks.

Part # S144     Racer $ 15.95

Track Set-Up Record Book

Spiral bound book with pages for lap times, chassis set-up, tire temperatures and notes of any changes made to the car.

Part # 81076      Racer $ 17.95


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